Photo collections of the areas surveyed by the Western Sahara Project are housed on the Flickr Project account. Photos are organised into sets representing specific archaeological features/sites, grouped by survey area for the Northern Sector and Southern Sector. Over time, we are uploading photos representing all features/sites for which photographic records are available (most of them). This facilitates easy browsing of full-resolution photos representing features/sites mentioned in publications.Cueva del Diablo

Photos are also organised geographically (samples of photos from particular areas) and thematically (e.g. culture, monuments, environment).

If you wish to use any photos please contact us. We are happy for photos to be used free of charge under a Creative Commons license for educational purposes, with credit to “Western Sahara Project” (and preferably a web link to this site). If you want to use a photo for other purposes (e.g. in a book, on a website, etc), we may make a small charge. Any money raised in this way will help support the Project.


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